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SilkAir to operate 737-800 on Davao and Cebu routes

Aviation Updates Philippines -  SilkAir to operate their newest Boeing 737-800 on several routes in the Philippines from it's current A320 service. SilkAir's first Boeing 737-800 is expected to be delivered on February 2014. This will be effective on March 20, 2014.

According to Airlineroute.net, SilkAir has further revised planned Boeing 737-800 operation, as the 2-class 162-seater Boeing 737-800 to enter service on February 20, 2014, instead of previously planned March 30, 2014. Revised Boeing 737-800 operation as of January 9, 2014 as follow. Routes marked with * represents no changes to planned service entry since last report on January 6, 2014.

Note certain routes currently displaying discrepancies on frequencies. Further changes remain highly possible, including last-minute aircraft changes.
eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Kuala Lumpur Inaugural flight (MI322/321 Day 367; daily from 30MAR14)
eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Penang MI348/347 Day 467, MI354/353 Day x467 (MI348/347 and MI352/351 daily from 30MAR14)
eff 21FEB14 Singapore – Medan MI234/233 Day x467 (MI234/233 and MI238/237 daily from 30MAR14)
eff 21FEB14 Singapore – Phuket MI754/753 Day x467, MI756/755 Day 67 (MI754/753 daily from 30MAR14; MI752/751 daily from 28APR14)
eff 17MAR14 Singapore – Siem Reap – Da Nang – Singpaore 2 weekly (Day 16; 737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 28APR14; Day 167 from 29APR14)
eff 18MAR14 Singapore – Da Nang – Siem Reap – Singapore 3 weekly (Day 235; 737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 28APR14; Day 234 from 29APR14)
eff 20MAR14 Singapore – Davao – Cebu – Singapore MI588 Day 4 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 25MAY14; Day 146 from 26MAY14)
eff 20MAR14 Singapore – Kochi MI468/467 Day 47 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 25MAY14; 1 daily from 26MAY14)
eff 23MAR14 Singapore – Cebu – Davao – Singapore MI566 Day 7 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 26MAY14; Day x146 from 27MAY14)
*eff 30MAR14 Singapore – Hyderabad 1 daily (MI478/477)
eff 02MAY14 Singapore – Cebu 1 weekly (MI544/543 Day 5)
*eff 25AUG14 Singapore – Xiamen 1 daily
*eff 29SEP14 Singapore – Shenzhen 3 weekly (MI962/961 Day 135)
*eff 30SEP14 Singapore – Phnom Penh 1 weekly (MI608/607 Day 2)
*eff 30SEP14 Singapore – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Singapore 2 weekly (MI622 Day 24)
*eff 01OCT14 Singapore – Chengdu 5 weekly (MI938/937 Day x12)
*eff 02OCT14 Singapore – Darwin 1 weekly (Day 1/2; Day 3/4 from 22OCT14)
*eff 04OCT14 Singapore – Bangalore 1 weekly (MI424/423 Day 6; Day 5 op with 738 from 24OCT14)
*eff 21OCT14 Singapore – Kolkata 2 weekly (Day 24)

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