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Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 engine failed, landed overweight causing deflated tires

Aviation Updates Philippines - A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800, registered as 9V-SKB performing flight SQ 322 from Singapore bound for London suffered an engine failure minutes after take-off.

The crew decided to stop climbing at 10,000 feet due to engine bleed air systems causing the air conditioners to stop working or having problems.

The aircraft landed 30 minutes after take-off, bursting 8 tires because the plane was overweight.

The plane should have took-off in April 18, 2014 but it departed April 19, 2013.

A replacement aircraft, 9V-SKE, another Airbus A380 reached London with 11.5 hours delayed.

Before the flight, some passengers noticed that they had seen 2 engines not turned on. It might be a problem or the pilots did that for a reason.


  1. Baka Parehas yan sa qantas 32 na flight... ung mga engines ng A380 ay may oil pipes..

    1. Hahah.. Maybe

      Aviation Updates Philippines ADMIN

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