Aviation Updates Philippines is a non-profit organization committed to update and inform the public about flight promotions, new destinations, airport news and much more. As our slogan suggests, "Foremost in Aviation News", the team is presently updating the public with the latest credible information gathered and researched.

The team was founded on May 24, 2012 on Facebook. A month later, the team decided to open up a YouTube channel where regular updates were posted. Due to the small fan base on Facebook, the page was nearly shut down. However, the team scrapped the plan and continued its journey on providing the most accurate aviation news in the Philippines. As of writing, AUP's Facebook followers already reached more than 9,000 people.
The new and updated logo of Aviation Updates Philippines, first unveiled in the public on November 7, 2015. The new logo was based from a friendlier look and the icons of aviation that made it successful. The logo has three vibrant colors that represent the colors of aviation here in the Philippines.


To provide the most accurate and recent aviation news, analysis and information to the public


Travel Plan

The Travel Plan section allows you to book flights from different local and international airlines. This page will be convenient for readers to be directed to the airline's website after they read the news.

Philippine Carriers

This section enables you to know more about the current operating airlines in the Philippines.

Philippine Airports

This page will allow you to browse all of the airports in the Philippines and know more about the airlines flying in and out of the airport.

Summary of the Rights of Air Passengers

It's important to know your rights. As an air passenger, you are secured with benefits depending on your current situation (i.e. delayed, cancelled flights)

The Aviation Updates Philippines ADMINISTRATION

SALCEDO, Dirk Andrei - Dirk is an aviation enthusiast who loves to write articles about the aviation industry. He currently creates blogs and write about his travel experience in different islands in the Philippines. He is also a campus journalist. Dirk won first place in the Division Schools Press Conference - Collaborative Publishing Category (Filipino). He and his team represented Davao City during the Regional Schools Press Conference in 2014 and have been ranked as 3rd place. In the future, he wants to be a commercial pilot and an air traffic controller.

DIFUNTORUM, Marc Romyel - Marc is also an Avgeek (short for Aviation geek) who loves to collect die-cast planes from Phoenix, GeminiJets and others. He provides the team with edited photos and info-graphics exclusively for AUP. Currently, he is a goal keeping coach of a football club. He is playing for his team in his current school.

NIERRA, Manuel "Moi" II - Manuel is a plane lover and a plane spotter. He is currently part of the administration team of the Philippine PlaneSpotters Group. Manuel provides photographs for Aviation Updates Philippines. He is also an incoming 3rd year psychology student studying at Ateneo de Davao University.


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